Amanda Tuvesson

Creative freelancer & Web Developer


About me

I started my journey four years ago as I started my degree of web management at Borås University in Sweden. Before starting my degree I took online courses in coding languages which got my interest for web design and development. Today I have worked with multiple customers globally and I’m eager to learn and develop even more!


My Services

Web Development

Creating websites through Content Management Systems, which also provides e-commerce options. With knowledge within coding, gives my work the ability to create things from scratch and bring ideas into life. 

Creative Design

Creating user centered layout and web design for an ultimate user experience and user interface. Focusing on the aesthetic appearance of a product as well as a structural approach to a product in a sustainable way. 

Marketing Analysis

Analysing and developing marketing strategies through Google Business as well as social media marketing and branding. Creating basic grounds improving traffic and ranking on search engines like Google.


My Recent Work